ADNAN AKDEMIR - WBAF - World Excellence Awards 2018


Vice President of the Turkish Trade Association for Business Angels (TBAA)

Adnan is a third-generation entrepreneur in the entertainment business. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University in Management Engineering, and achieving an MBA at National University Los Angeles, he attended UCLA Film School. In 1993, after his return home, he founded AFM Cinemas which has since become the leading cinema operator in Turkey. He has introduced a true quality cinema experience to Turkey, resulting in rapid national growth in the 90’s as the market-maker. In 2000, he completed the first Private Equity deal ever to be done in Turkey, with AIG’s Blue Voyage Fund. In 2001, he co founded Istanbul “Independent” Film Festival as a prestigious international event, to rejuvenate the Turkish film production industry. In 2004, Adnan then completed the IPO of AFM Cinemas, becoming the first entertainment company to register on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Adnan also co-founded the first Turkish film distribution company, Kenda (with top Turkish producers) to support the development of local productions. Kenda became the main driver behind more than half of the local content in Turkish cinema, within just 3 years. He has since sold most AFM Cinemas to Russia’s largest group, Alfa; eventually exiting AFM. Adnan has become the CEO of Eurasia Cinemas, which in its third year has grown to 305 multiplex screens to become the leading cinema chain in the Russia-Ukraine-Turkey region. Adnan exited his cinema ventures in 2011 to focus on his family entertainment business and founded www.ilsvision.com – the largest YouTube Multi-Channel Network in the Middle East region. He is the cofounder of the Turkish Business Angels Association and Turkish Cinema Owners Association, whilst also an active member of Young Presidents Organization. He holds a Group A pilot license since 1984, and an opensea captain license since 1989. In 2012, Adnan received a Red Cross / Crescent Golden Mercy Medal for his lifetime contributions.

“In 2000, Adnan Akdemir completed the
first Private Equity deal ever to be done
in Turkey, with AIG’s Blue Voyage Fund.”